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The global energy demand is increasing rapidly, necessitating the critical transition from fossil-based energy to complete adaptation of renewable energy generation.  Renewable Technologies (RT) is a division within Vuthwa Energy, focusing on the renewable energy sector in South Africa. Our efforts in the renewable energy sector are aimed at reducing energy consumption by offsetting global CO2 emissions through the induction of sustainable renewable energy solutions.

Vuthwa Energy looks at renewable energy from a new perspective, with innovation and sustainability as the core of the projects we undertake and the services we offer. Our purpose is to reimagine the energy generation to serve our people and the planet, now and in decades to come. Renewable energy is necessary for the progressive development of the global energy landscape that will enable South Africa and its people to prosper and flourish fully. We are committed to investing our knowledge and expertise in creating solutions for a sustainable energy system.

Our Services

As an independent service provider, VTE – RT offers cost-effective wind and solar power services to clients across South Africa, with the goal of maximizing the rate of return on their operating assets.


Wind and Solar Farm

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Wind and Solar Farm

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Wind Farm (Wind Turbine Generators – WTG) and Solar Farm (Panels & Substation)

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Wind/Solar Farm

It is expected that the government’s new installed capacity targets for renewable energy will make up over 40% of the new energy capacity in the next coming years, with wind and solar power emerging at the top of the renewable energy list.

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VTE-RT aims to establish itself as the preferred service provider in the renewable energy industry in South Africa.


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