About Us

We are inspired by the potential within you

Vuthwa Energy (VTE) is a South African based company offering specialised services within the power generation sector. Each project approach is customised using our depth of expertise across a broad spectrum of knowledge. Our cohesive team of highly skilled professionals manage small to large scale projects in any of the powerplant working phases: Planning, Construction, Technical Support, Maintenance, and repair.

We offer complete turnkey renewable solutions that tackle current energy-related challenges. Our wide range of projects and services promote sustainability and offer our clients the opportunity to tackle global climate change.

Vuthwa Energy professes good management, dedicated leadership, integrity, efficiency and the use of appropriate and cutting-edge technology and methods to yield the most effective results in all assignments.

Our Mission & Values

By cultivating strategic collaboration with partners in the renewable energy landscape we aim to develop innovative renewable energy technologies and facilitate the transition to complete clean energy generation.

Integrity, expertise and workmanship.

Vuthwa Energy professes dedicated leadership, good management, integrity, efficiency and the use of appropriate and cutting-edge technology and -methods to yield the most effective results in all assignments.

We are continuously working on pioneering systems and processes which will see our clients benefit. We pride ourselves on innovative project planning, skilled project execution, pro-active maintenance and support solutions, as  well as total resource efficiency.

Our clients... our pride.

We are committed to forming long-term relationships with our clients based on professionalism, honesty, shared expertise and the excellence of the quality of work we produce.

Our sole purpose is that of exceeding our customers’ expectations. We can ensure that our customers achieve their targets and gain maximum return on their investment.

Our knowledge of the industry requirements, along with our experience, make it easy for us to provide our clients with solutions to some of their most complex energy challenges.

Future- and Solution oriented.

We are committed to providing solutions to some of the toughest power issues of our generation and to become pioneering leaders who will transition our country to a sustainable energy future.

Vuthwa Energy’s involvement in the renewable energy sector started back in 2015. VTE was one of the wind turbine installation subcontractors at one of the biggest wind farms in South Africa to date (Amakhala Wind Farm located in Bedford South Africa, which consists of 56 Nordex turbines). Vuthwa Energy was also part of the installation crew during the construction of Gibson Bay Wind Farm, mainly focusing on defects clearing and retrofits. In 2018 Vuthwa Energy formed part of the installation team at Kennedy Wind Farm located in Australia (the Australian project was successfully executed with Vestas as OEM). In 2019 Vuthwa Energy formed part of the installation team at the Bioherm Excelsior Wind farm in the Western Cape.

We support our renewable energy clients with integrated professional services ranging from full turnkey installation to continuous technical support, maintenance and engineering repairs.

Safety first

We at Vuthwa Energy have a Zero Deviation to Safety Directives Policy.

We take the wellbeing and safety of our employees very serious. All our employees are provided with the necessary training and personal protective gear to enable them to perform their day-to-day activities safely, every time.

Quality Guaranteed

We at Vuthwa Energy guarantee that our work will be of world-class quality, designed to add significant value to our client.

Our aim is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction every time, for all our clientele.

Strategic partnerships for a sustainable future

Vuthwa Energy is committed to making sustainable energy accessible to the vast African Market through our long-term investment strategy as owners and operators of power generation and transmission infrastructure.

Our investment strategy encompasses the accumulation of strategic project-based partnerships with industry leaders for a cohesive acceleration of Africa’s transition towards a sustainable energy future. Our energy asset investments primarily focus on both wind and solar PV technologies in portfolios that long term PPAs support to emphasise our financial health standing.

Our Objective







Sustainable renewable energy technologies